HAWC2 12.6

HAWC2 version 12.6 has the following new features:


  • Constraint enable/disable made active for t>=0 (previous t>0)
  • Azimuthal user dependent rotor induction a-ct enabled. Previous userdefined (radial) a-ct dependent induction limited to linear interpolation
  • Nacelle lidar sensor + effective wind speed sensor. Written by Dominique Philipp Held domhel@dtu.dk
  • New mbdy sensor forcemoment_interp. This gives interpolated forces and moments independent on model discretisation (interpolated between nodal results)
  • Bugfix in type2.dll initstring
  • New sensor id reference option
  • New wind free_wind_center_pos0 and free_wind_hor_center_pos0 option
  • Bugfix in aero induction outputs when induction model not used.
  • New mbdy sensor statevec_new. This gives positions and rotations based on local chord orientation, either absolut of elastic deformation
  • Label option on all outputs enabled
  • Start/stop in visualization
  • Crash prevented when scale_time_start>time_stop for no-turbulent simulation
  • Wind sensors wind_free_center_pos0 and wind_free_hor_center_pos0 added
  • Aerodynamic noise model included
  • Bugfix related to label option and dll sensor linking i version 12.6 rev 7-10, noise module bypassed (aeronoise bypassed)
  • Bugfix in tower pot2 method to avoid strange situations causing crashes. (aeronoise bypassed)
  • Bugfix in flex binary output format using reduced timestep outputs
  • Bugfix in output with dll reference system (affected only versions from 12.6 rev 6). This is now the final version 12.6
23 APRIL 2019