HAWC2 Release Notes

HAWC2 version 12.7:

Release notes

Major features

  • New sparse matrix solver (solvertype 2). It is highly recommended to use the new and faster sparse solver
  • Input reader now ignores HAWCStab2 section. I.e. the same input file can be used for both HAWC2 and HAWCStab2
  • HAWC2 now writes build info and the version number of used dlls into the logfile


Minor features:

  • Minimum output call interval set to 1 (every time step)
  • In tower shadow the error message changed to "WARNING" when wind speed is requested inside the tower
  • Add label to wind sensors. This was not consistent with the manual for 12.6 and earlier
  • New output options: new_htc_structure/write_body_beam_data and new_htc_structure/write_element_matrices
  • ESYS: warning on duplicate constraints
  • Coordinate system options implemented for the 'aero secforce' sensor. This was not consistent with the manual for 12.6 and earlier
  • Improved error message when creating a superelement with wrong input
  • Increased accuracy of turbulence interpolation (4 to 8 bytes). This may affect the turbulence scaling slightly
  • Implement factor_scaling wrt. v and w. This was not consistent with the manual for 12.6 and earlier
  • For turbulence boxes with uneven no. grid points, scaling is now based on turbulence intensity of the center point
  • add new rotor average wind speed sensor (aero wsp_rotor_avg)
  • Optionally specify diameter of upstream turbine in user defined wake deficit file
  • Ainslie DLL wake model integrated in HAWC2. This integration fixes earlier crashes, data passing via temporary files and gives numerical improvements



  • Fix in transformation matrix for large rotations
  • Shear center is now rotated to elastic axes coordinates, before it was in c2_def coordinates
  • v and w components are corrected for tower shadow model JET2. For HAWC2 12.5 and 12.6 they were set to zero
  • Tower_shadow_pot2 and tower_shadow_jet2 now lookup the correct tower radius (previous only first value was used)
  • Bugfix in nearwake module
  • Minor bugfix in BEM for CT>2.5
  • Bugfix wrt memory consumption specially important for large number of output sensors
  • Output time step deltat was not working in gtsdf output format
  • Label for nacelle_lidar sensor fixed
  • Bugfix in tshadow_pot2_calc occurring when requesting wind speed below the tower
  • Bugfix of memory leak in call to ESYS DLL
  • Fix memory issue in hdf5 module (visualization and gtsdf)
  • Bugfix in call to esys_visual, the structure pointer was not 32/64bit dependent.
  • Bugfix in direction interpolation of Morison drag and current profile
  • Fix reading of turbulence box when number of points in y and z direction differ
  • Starttime in flex format wrong when using output time step deltat
  • Improved convergence of the quasi steady BEM used for the upstream turbine in the DWM model



HAWC2 version 12.6:


  • Constraint enable/disable made active for t>=0 (previous t>0)
  • Azimuthal user dependent rotor induction a-ct enabled. Previous userdefined (radial) a-ct dependent induction limited to linear interpolation
  • Nacelle lidar sensor + effective wind speed sensor. Written by Dominique Philipp Held domhel@dtu.dk
  • New mbdy sensor forcemoment_interp. This gives interpolated forces and moments independent on model discretisation (interpolated between nodal results)
  • Bugfix in type2.dll initstring
  • New sensor id reference option
  • New wind free_wind_center_pos0 and free_wind_hor_center_pos0 option
  • Bugfix in aero induction outputs when induction model not used.
  • New mbdy sensor statevec_new. This gives positions and rotations based on local chord orientation, either absolut of elastic deformation
  • Label option on all outputs enabled
  • Start/stop in visualization
  • Crash prevented when scale_time_start>time_stop for no-turbulent simulation
  • Wind sensors wind_free_center_pos0 and wind_free_hor_center_pos0 added
  • Aerodynamic noise model included
  • Bugfix related to label option and dll sensor linking i version 12.6 rev 7-10, noise module bypassed (aeronoise bypassed)
  • Bugfix in tower pot2 method to avoid strange situations causing crashes. (aeronoise bypassed)
  • Bugfix in flex binary output format using reduced timestep outputs
  • Bugfix in output with dll reference system (affected only versions from 12.6 rev 6). This is now the final version 12.6
19 JANUARY 2020