HAWC2 manual

Please find below the user´s manual for the aeroelastic code HAWC2. The manual is also constantly updated and improved, but should at the moment cover the description of available input commands.

Start download by clicking on the appropriate link in the 'Download file' column below and select the option 'Save this file to disk'.

Please note that the manual is not updated with every version of HAWC2. Click on the version number to see which version of HAWC2 the manual is update for.

You can also find the latest development version of the users manual here.

Release date Product Version Download file File size
29.05.2019 HAWC2 Manual 12.7 manual_version_12-7 937KB
27.11.2018 HAWC2 Manual 4.7 manual_version_4-7 974KB
30.07.2015 HAWC2 Manual 4.6 manual_version_4-6 1858KB
30.07.2014 HAWC2 Manual 4.5 Manual 4.5 PDF 1102KB
27.06.2013 HAWC2 Manual 4.4 Manual 4.4 PDF 794KB
21.05.2012 HAWC2 Manual 4.3 Manual 4.3 PDF 783KB
14.03.2012 HAWC2 Manual 4.2 Manual 4.2 PDF 1100KB
14.12.2011 HAWC2 manual 4.1 Manual 4.1 PDF 1178KB
14.12.2010 HAWC2 manual 4.0 Manual 4.0 PDF 1053KB
07.09.2009 HAWC2 manual 3.9 Manual 3.9 PDF 1028KB