HAWC2 12.4 released

Monday 23 Jan 17


Torben J. Larsen
Head of Section ad interim
DTU Wind Energy
+45 46 77 50 51
We are pleased to announce that we have released the new HAWC2 version 12.4 on the web page.

This replaces the 12.3 beta version and has been tested to a level, where we are ready to have it as a final version. Together with the executable, severable DLL’s have also been updated and placed together with the main program.

A few minor changes can be seen when comparing results to previous version. One reason is that the dynamic stall now has a correction term to ensure that the steady state lift is exactly the same as without the stall model. Furthermore, a small bug fix related to the link between aerodynamics forces and structure may cause minor differences in relation to torsional blade moments.

HAWC2 version 12.4 has the following new features

  • It is fully capable being used together with the 3D visualization software found here download section.
  • It is capable of being used together with a super element DOF reduction for e.g. offshore jacket substructures.
  • It has an option for using a near wake model instead of the normal induction model.
  • The solver has been updated leading to faster execution time
  • New option for time varying user defined shear gusts
  • A gearbox model can now be used instead of working on the low speed side only.

If you want a demonstration feel free to visit us at the AWEA conference in May 2017, EWEA offshore 2017 in June or EWEA November 2017


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