Release notes version 2

HAWC2 IEC 61400-1 NREL 5MW

This file contains an excel sheet for generating input files for the IEC 61400-1 load cases. The master file is based on the NREL 5MW reference turbine. The excel sheet can be used in general to generate new input files based on a master file by adding or reducing variable parameters in the top of the excel sheet3.

Version 2: Corrected a bug in calculation of the A-parameter in the EWS model

Quick guide

1. Sheet: Main

Enable macros. Set all necessary folder names to match your directories of the hawc2 folder (path to master folder has to end with /)

2. Sheet: input

If covering the IEC61400-1 Load basis insert all values in the green cells from the standard. Click  to generate the load cases in the sheet loadcases

3. Sheet: Loadcases

Check all inputs and if you wish to remove any load cases clear the cells in row “Sim. to run”. Click  to generate all HTC-input files and the batch file. Mark “run local” and click “ok”. (jobs after an empty field in the “Job id.” Will not be run)

remember to set decimal symbol to . in Windows (Control Panel\Clock,Language, and Region\Change the date, time, or number format\Format\additional settings)
16 MAY 2022