DeepWind 5-MW VAWT (onshore version)


Please find below the HAWC2 model of the DeepWind 5-MW VAWT. The model is based on an onshore version of the DeepWind 5-MW VAWT developed in the DeepWind project. Details of the HAWC2 VAWT model and how was modeled are described in the report:

“Study of Design Load Cases for Multi-Megawatt Onshore Vertical Axis Wind Turbines”, DTU Wind Energy, June 2015.

The original design of the DeepWind turbine is described in this report:

Verelst, D. R., Aagaard Madsen, H., Kragh, K. A., & Belloni, F. (2014), Detailed Load Analysis of the baseline 5MW DeepWind Concept,

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