Phase VI - Floating Spar Buoy


Please find below the HAWC2 model of Phase IV – Floating spar buoy described in the Offshore Code Comparison Collaboration (OC3) for IEA Task 23. In the model Phase IV – Floating spar buoy, NREL offshore 5-MW wind turbine is installed on a floating spar-buoy in deep water (320 m).

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NOTE: In order to run this model HAWC2 version 10.9-11.9 or 12.3 Beta or newer is required. The NHMooringDLL.dll has some issues with writing the mooring force output in 12.0-12.2 due to switching to the new Intel compiler. This were fixed in 12.3 Beta

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03.11.2013 Phase VI - Floating Spar Buoy PhaseIVFloatingSparBuoyv50 558 KB
14.08.2013 Phase VI - Floating Spar Buoy PhaseIVFloatingSparBuoyv40 558 KB
12.06.2013 Phase VI - Floating Spar Buoy PhaseIVFloatingSparBuoyv30 662 KB
27.02.2012 Phase VI - Floating Spar Buoy PhaseIVFloatingSparBuoyv20 662 KB
16.12.2011 Phase VI - Floating Spar Buoy PhaseIVFloatingSparBuoyv10 1957 KB
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