HAWC2 Software Download

Please find below the latest version of HAWC2. Please click on version number to check on information regarding the release.

Start download by clicking on the appropriate link in the 'Download file' column below and select the option 'Save this file to disk'.

HAWC2 version 11.6 has been removed due to a bug in the code.

NOTE: In order to run HAWC2 from version 10.9 a new version of the license manager is required. Click here to send an email request for the new license manager if you are already a HAWC2 user.

For new users please click here.

Release date Product Version Download file File size
28.05.2019 HAWC2 HAWC2 downloads
13.07.2017 HAWC2 HAWC2_all_12-5 38.317 KB
01.02.2017 HAWC2 HAWC2_all_12-4 36,2MB
04.01.2016 HAWC2 HAWC2123_Beta-zip 17680 KB
31.07.2015 HAWC2 HAWC2122-zip 13581 KB
09.06.2015 HAWC2 HAWC2121-zip 13581 KB
06.03.2015 HAWC2 HAWC2120-zip 2727 KB
28.10.2014 HAWC2 HAWC2119.zip 2726KB
24.07.2014 HAWC2 HAWC22118.zip 2696KB
26.05.2014 HAWC2 HAWC2117.zip 2685KB
15.05.2014 HAWC2 2683KB
27.06.2013 HAWC2 HAWC2115.zip 2536KB
03.12.2012 HAWC2 HAWC2114.zip 2616KB
20.07.2012 HAWC2 HAWC2113.zip 2674KB
21.05.2012 HAWC2 HAWC2112.zip 2344KB
15.12.2010 HAWC2 HAWC2109.zip 2384KB
16 MAY 2022