Auto generation of input files

In order to keep an overview of several simulations and generate multiple load cases, an Excel spreadsheet with build-in macro functions can be downloaded. Once the turbine is defined with respect to structure, aerodynamics and control, the load case setup is handled by generating individual input files based on a master file.

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Release date Product Version Download file File size 
31.08.2012 HAWC2 IEC 61400-1 NREL 5MW   4.0 400KB
27.07.2012 HAWC2 IEC 61400-1 NREL 5MW  3.0 400KB
25.06.2011  HAWC2 IEC 61400-1 NREL 5MW  2.0 400KB
02.03.2011 HAWC2 IEC 61400-1 NREL 5MW  1.0 400KB
15 AUGUST 2022