HAWC2 Visualization

Here is a small guide of how to use the visualization tool:

1) Open “Hawc2Visualization.exe” after installing

2) Se folder locations: In order to visualize a htc file our need to have folders pointing to the new HAWC2 version 12.3 beta located in the HAWC2 folder and the other folder pointing to you model location here is an example:


3)  Press “Load” to animate the htc file

4) To animate a time simulation you have to run with the HAWC2 version 12.3 beta. The command for the new visualization is:    visualization ./visualization/example.hdf5;

5) The tool estimates the inner and outer diameter of a body based on the structural input assuming that it is a circular cross-section. But for bodies with fictitious values e.g. the shaft a circular member can be included with a user defined profile. Here is an example of the commands for a user defined  circular member by adding a profile to an existing member (have to be included in the main body command e.g between  “ end c2_def” and “end main_body”):

begin visualization_profile;
    type cylinder;
    nsec 2; nr of visualization sections
    sec    0          5.6; [z body coordinate] [outer diameter]
    sec    -68.0    4;
end visualization_profile;
26 JANUARY 2021