HAWC2 HAWC2 Visualization

Thursday 19 May 16

Dear HAWC2 user,

We are pleased to announce that we have released the visualization tool for HAWC2 that enables a more detailed graphical representation of a HAWC2 model. The present version have two main features where one is  to open a htc file to visualize the content and the other is to load a visualization file from a HAWC2 simulation that can then be converted into a video file.


It is still in Beta so we need more testing (seems not to be working on all platforms due to special graphic drive settings) and more documentation on how to use it.

The tool can be downloaded in the download section (Post-processing tools subsection) together with instructions of how to use the tool.

If you want a demonstration feel free to visit us at the AWEA conference next week




22 JANUARY 2022