HAWC2 Support

Support related to the use of software

Software support is included with your license.

The support issues involve work directly related to operating HAWC2, such as:

  • Installation of the software
  • Setting up a HAWC2 model
  • Running the model and analyzing results

As a rule-of-thumb work is limited to about 15 minutes on such issues. In addition to that (and with no time limit):

  • Program bugs

If you have any problems using the HAWC2 software, please send an e-mail to hawc2@windenergy.dtu.dk

Before you contact us

  • Check that you have the latest version of HAWC2 and that your problem has not been dealt with already.
  • Check the log-file to see if error is related to an input syntax error.
  • Check the list of known issues & FAQ.

Reporting problems

When you report a problem to hawc2@windenergy.dtu.dk , please include:

  • Your name and affiliation
  • HAWC2 version number (stated in the log-file)
  • PC operating system (2000/XP/Vista/7/Mac/Linux)
  • A detailed description of the problem and how to reproduce it.
  • A log file (if produced)
  • Error message: The error message stated in your dos-prompt (screen dump)    
  • If the software is having problems with a particular file, then please send it (zipped) along with the description.


HAWC2 Support Form

16 MAY 2022