Types of license agreements

We offer the following types of software license agreements:

  • Standard one-year commercial license
  • 3-month commercial license
  • Trial license
  • Cooperative research license
  • Academic license for individual students or researchers
  • Support package as a supplement to standard, trial and academic license agreements

An overview of the pricing and benefits of the different license types is provided in the table below. Note that the price overview is listed according to our standard terms; special prices may apply for individual agreements in case of special terms.

Further information on specific licenses, support packages, as well as important information for SMEs and EU customers, is below the table.



Support SME Enterprise  Additional legal entities 
Standard  HAWC2   Yes

40 hours/ year included 

€15,000 first year
Thereafter: €12,500/year
€40,000 first year
Thereafter: €25,000/thereafter
€5,000/year per entity
HAWCStab2  Yes 20 hours/ year included  €7,500 first year
€5,500 per subsequent year
€15,000 first year
€7,500 per subsequent year
€5,000/year per entity
 Yes 45 hours/ year included  €22,500 first year
€15,000 per subsequent year
€45,000 first year
€30,000 per subsequent year
€5,000/year per entity
 3-month  Yes 10 hours/ year included  First four 3-month periods: €3,750
Subsequent periods: €3,125
First four 3-month periods: €10,000
Subsequent periods:   €6,250
 Trial  Optional €5,000 for 15h of support
+ access E-learning. Pre-payment
if followed later by full license.
Free Free N/A
 Cooperative research  Yes Can be purchased for €340/hour Free Free N/A
 Academic  Yes Can be purchased  Free Free N/A

Joint HAWC2-HAWCStab2 license

If you are considering a standard license, please note that we offer a discount for the purchase of a joint HAWC2-HAWCStab2 license.

3-month license

The 3-month license is similar to the standard license, except that billing and renewal occurs on a quarterly basis instead of annually.

Trial license

The 3-month trial license is free of charge and includes neither support nor access to the online training material. Users interested in receiving support during the trial period can buy a limited support package that includes access to the online training material (see "Support packages" below).

Cooperative research license

If you are in a publicly funded cooperative research project together with DTU Wind, then you may qualify for a cooperative research license to work with HAWC2 on the project. Please contact support for more details.

Academic license

An academic license (available in pdf format here) can be used for academic research activities. This could be for example:

  • Bachelor/master/PhD theses that are made publicly available.
  • Academic research activities within the context of a publicly funded research project. The results of said activities should be publicly available in the form of scientific reports and/or publications.

The academic usage of HAWC2 and HAWCStab2 is free of charge and includes access to the online e-learning resources but is by default without support. However, it is possible to purchase a support package as an add-on to the academic license (see below).

The academic license can be requested online via simple form (see Academic-license). Academic licenses are only granted to either students or employees of universities or national laboratories. Only requests made via the email address of a user's academic institute will be considered.

With HAWC2 version 13.0.5 and HAWCStab2 2.16 a new license server model is used. At the beginning of each simulation HAWC2 will verify if the provided license ID is valid by contacting a DTU hosted license server (a working internet connection is thus required). Academic users will be able to start 60 simulations per 30 second window and 500 simulations per 5 minute window. This allows for an average of starting 1 simulation/second with short bursts of up to 3-5 simulations/second. Further, each license ID is allowed to use 5 different machines (for example, a laptop, desktop and some other machines you may have access to).

The following activities are not covered by the academic license:

  • Design, analysis and certification of commercial wind turbine designs.
  • Commercial consulting activities.

Support packages

We offer a support package as a supplement to the SLA if extra support is needed or if support is not included in the main agreement. Please contact the HAWC2 support email for more details.

Definition of SME

The European definition of SME follows: "The category of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is made up of enterprises which employ fewer than 250 persons and which have an annual turnover not exceeding 50 million euro, and/or an annual balance sheet total not exceeding 43 million euro. See also: https://ec.europa.eu/growth/smes/business-friendly-environment/sme-definition_en

VAT information for EU customers 

If your company is located in an EU membership country, we need your VAT number (example: DTU Wind Energy's VAT number is DK30060946) in order to avoid adding 25% of Danish tax to your invoice. Please notice that EU VAT has nothing to do with how much tax you pay in your own country. If you have no EU VAT number, even if your company is located in an EU membership country, we have to add 25% of Danish tax to your invoice.