Configure license

Once you have signed an SoftwareLicense Agreement (SLA; see License tab) and downloaded the HAWC2 software, you must acquire and install a license file before you can run HAWC2.

Acquire a license file

After you have signed the appropriate SLA,you should follow these steps to get a license file that allows running HAWC2 on your machine, cluster or cloud:

If you are a single user or need a company- or institute-wide domain license you should:

  1. Download the file get_mac_addresses.exe by clicking this link.
  2. Run get_mac_adresses.exe, which will produce a *.mac file
  3. Send the *.mac file to with your name and affiliation
  4. Receive the licence_manager.dll-file once produced and sent by DTU Wind Energy. The file is usually sent via FileSender.

It is also possible to run HAWC2 on services like AWS or Microsoft Azure. Please contact us at for more information on how to set up this type of license.

Install license file

First download the HAWC2 software. Once you have received the license files from the support team, replace the licence_manager.dll in your HAWC2 directory. To verify whether the license was installed correctly, follow these steps:

  1. Open a command prompt in your HAWC2 directory.
  2. Run the HAWC2MB.exe in the command prompt by typing "HAWC2MB.exe" and hitting Enter.
    • Note that this is not the correct way to use HAWC2 (see “Getting started with HAWC2” in the manual), but it is sufficient to verify a license.
  3. In the text printed to the console, if you see a line “License verified – OK”, then your license is correctly installed.
    • If you see a message that the software cannot be run on this computer, then there is an issue with the license file. Please double-check the mac file that you sent to the support team and verify whether you correctly replaced the license DLL in the HAWC2 folder. Otherwise, please email HAWC2 support.